Econpee Vacuum Sealer Machine

- Specialized design so you can be assured of the quality of the product as well as the durability of the product.
- The tool is made from high-strength steel and ABS, PE plastic for long-term use.
- COMPACT EASY TO CARRY: Can be stored in suitcases, clothes bags for daily use.
- Vacuum degree: from 3 to 9 seconds (time depends on the thickness or thinness of the bag to adjust accordingly), achieving maximum efficiency according to the intended use.
- Welding size: 40-300mm.




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The effects of not preserving food in vacuum bags.

Food will quickly undergo oxidation, causing a loss of quality and shorter preservation time.

Bacteria and fungi can grow more quickly in food.

Don't worry, vacuum sealer will prolong the freshness and quality of your food.

Product specifications

- Material: Steel frame + ABS plastic + high quality PE plastic.
- Origin: Japanese technology, made in China.
- Voltage: 110V/60Hz - 220V/50Hz
- Power: 90W.
- Suction capacity: -45Kpa/-60Kpa
- Level of welding: from 3 to 9 seconds (depends on the thickness or thinness of the bag to adjust accordingly)
- Machine size: 370x70x52mm
- Weight: 0.7kg
- Welding size: 40-300mm
- Color: Black



Vacuum + sealing plastic bags help preserve food better, longer and keep the nutrition of food.


Neat and cool fridge

- Store food in a vacuum bag to help arrange food neatly, store many items without causing mixed food odors in the refrigerator.
- Helps to keep the refrigerator neat, fresh, and healthy.

Keep food fresher for longer

- Vacuum cleaners clean the air, odor bacteria, excess water and prevent bacteria from entering.
- Helps food to be preserved for a long time and does not smell, keeping the nutrition of food.

Save money or costs more:

- Storing food in vacuum bags helps to reduce the amount of food wasted due to spoilage.
- At the same time, buying food in bulk and preserving it with a vacuum sealer will save money.

- Step 1: Prepare vacuum bags and food to be preserved. Make sure the bag is dry and there isn't any liquid in the bag.
- Step 2: Put the mouth of the bag into the vacuum machine and close the lid.
- Step 3: Press the vacuum button to suck the air and vacuum in the bag. After sucking enough air, the machine will stop working automatically.
- Step 4: Seal the bag with clips or use a heat sealer to close the bag.
- Step 5: Store food in the refrigerator or freezer compartment.

Note: Before using the product, read the user manual carefully to ensure safe and effective use.




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