360° Pressure boosting faucet on top of dishwasher faucet

- High pressure faucet is a type of faucet specially designed to increase the pressure of water to make the output water flow stronger.
- The product is often prioritized for use in families with weak water lines that do not meet the needs of users.
- High pressure dishwasher faucet works on the principle of fluid mechanics, friction force, sudden reduction of contact area.




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Problems you often encounter with the faucet of the sink

Don't worry, Pressure boosting faucet on top of dishwasher faucet will completely eliminate the above problems.

Water leakage

Low water pressure

Clogged faucet

Product specifications

- Material: Premium ABS plastic + Stainless steel
- Origin: Japan
- Intelligent and flexible bend in multiple directions
- Smart design, can be installed in any common faucet
- Save 30-40% of water usage
- The small and compact water outlet head with adjustable valve, water shut-off when not in use.
- The product is made of flexible stainless steel, easily adjust the direction of the water, with multiple internal layers of filter for good water pressure.
- The product is easy to adjust, bend in any desired angle, with 3 separate water discharge modes."


Made of super durable stainless steel material, not easy to crack or leak water, the faucet head helps to increase water pressure, and can be rotated in many directions, washing away stains on the walls or deposits.

Pressure boosting faucet on top of dishwasher faucet genuine Japan


Easy to install and use

- Versatile ninja hood design provides a stylish and fashionable look to the user.
- Products have many colors and designs to choose from, suitable for many different fashion tastes.

Increased efficiency in washing dishes

- With the ability to resist dirt and other harmful agents, the product helps protect the health of the user.
- The product can help prevent some respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, asthma, allergies.

Helps save water when washing dishes

- The product is made of high quality fabric, sturdy, thin and light but still retains breathability.
- Full face and head design protects the user from the effects of UV rays and dirt.

Step 1: Attach the high-pressure water hose to the water pipe or water spray nozzle. Ensure that the water hose is securely installed and not leaking.
Step 2: Turn on the water and adjust the rotating head 360 degrees to suit your needs.
Step 3: When finished using, turn off the water and rotate the 360-degree head back to its original position.




Frequently asked Questions

1. How to order and pay?

You can order on our website or fanpage. Home delivery and payment (COD)

2. Can I see and check the goods?

Yes. You can see and check the goods before paying!

3. If the advertisement is not correct?

You can return it without paying any

4. Is there a shipping fee to order?

Shipping fee is calculated according to your address. However, for each product we have a specical offer for free shipping

5. How long does it take to ship?

Order success fluctuates 5-10 days. You receive the goods depending on the location.

6. Is there a warranty?

All products purchased from our store are warranted for 12 months. You can rest assured to buy

Order your Pressure boosting faucet on top of dishwasher faucet TODAY!

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