Set 100 pieces of Oil-absorbing paper for food

- The oil-absorbing paper for food helps absorb oil and fat from food, helping to reduce the amount of fat in the meal.
- This product can also help reduce odors in food, especially fried foods.
- The oil-absorbing paper is very convenient to use when eating quickly or when there is not much time to prepare food.
- The product helps keep your table and hands cleaner, because it absorbs fats and grease from food.
- The oil absorbent paper does not affect the taste or quality of the food, so you can use this product with confidence.




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- Set 100 pieces: 550 php + 100 php shipping fee

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- Hand-held electronic scale: 600php (700php)

Oil-absorbing paper
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- Set 200 pieces: 1000 php + Free shipping

- Set 300 pieces : 1350 php + Free shipping

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Problems when cooking greasy dishes without the use of greaseproof paper

Don't worry, Oil-absorbing paper for food will completely eliminate the above problems.

Greasy food

Lack of hygiene for you

Food odor clinging to clothes

Product specifications

- Made from 100% premium paper powder, which is odorless, flexible, and does not tear or break during the oil-absorbing process.
- Save time and effort on washing and scrubbing.
- The product can withstand high temperatures.
- Color: Brown
- Size: 20x16x4.5 cm
- The unique hollow structure allows the paper to absorb 20 times its weight in oil and grease.


Food oil blotting paper is used to absorb oils and fats when frying and frying food to help reduce fat in food, making it more palatable and not affecting health.

Food-grade oil-absorbing paper is a good choice in your kitchen


Safety and hygiene

- Food-grade oil-absorbing paper is made from safe and hygienic materials, ensuring no harm to users' health
- The product can be used in ready-to-eat food without affecting the quality of the food

Keep food dry and fresh

- Food-grade oil-absorbing paper helps absorb water particles or moisture in food, keeping food dry and fresher.
- Especially suitable for frying, frying or baking dishes that do not want the food to be soaked in oil

Absorb excess oil and fat in food

- Save time and effort in washing dishes after eating
- Limit fat consumption and help lose weight more effectively

- Step 1: Line the paper on the surface of the air fryer.
- Step 2: Arrange the food on the paper.
- Step 3: Start the air fryer as usual.




Frequently asked Questions

1. How to order and pay?

You can order on our website or fanpage. Home delivery and payment (COD)

2. Can I see and check the goods?

Yes. You can see and check the goods before paying!

3. If the advertisement is not correct?

You can return it without paying any

4. Is there a shipping fee to order?

Shipping fee is calculated according to your address. However, for each product we have a specical offer for free shipping

5. How long does it take to ship?

Order success fluctuates 5-10 days. You receive the goods depending on the location.

6. Is there a warranty?

All products purchased from our store are warranted for 12 months. You can rest assured to buy

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- Specialized design so you can be assured of the quality of the product as well as the durability of the product.
- The tool is made of high-strength steel and has a long service life.
- COMPACT AND EASY TO CARRY: Can be stored in body bags, clothes bags for daily use.
- EXCELLENT ACCURACY: Integrating the latest measuring technology, helping you weigh accurately, achieving maximum efficiency according to the intended use.
- VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Weighing luggage, suitcases, food, fruit to go to the market ...


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