- Led lights are designed specifically for aquariums, helping to create light and oxygen bubbles for vivid and beautiful aquariums.
- In addition, the product can also change rich colors for the aquarium with soft light to protect the eyes, not affecting the aquarium fish.
- The product is a suitable choice for aquarium decoration, creating a beautiful environment for fish.
- Led light not only increases the color of fish and algae, but also makes your fish tank or aquarium more beautiful.


Oxygen Bubble LED light for aquariums

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Problems caused by not using LED lights for your aquarium

The fish tank is not beautiful

  • An aquarium without light or bubble effect will look quite dark and lifeless.
  • Make ornamental fish and plants look unsightly in the tank, no decorative use for the house

Fish is deprived of oxygen

  • Lack of oxygen will cause unpredictable consequences.
  • If the fish is light, the fish will be sick and slow to develop.
  • Severe, fish can suffocate and die.

The creature thrives

  • Because they are not provided with adequate light, they cannot grow and develop.
  • Can cause fish disease due to organisms in the tank, even death.


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- Products are specifically designed to provide the right light, temperature, and color.
- Not only supports the growth and development of fish, but also supports the growth of aquatic plants living in the tank.

1) Support the growth of aquatic plants

- The color of led bulbs ranges from 3,000K to 5,300K which is the most ideal choice to stimulate the growth of fish.

2) Provide light for fish tank

- Not only playing the role of providing light, LED fish tank lights also have the use of decorating the tank space more shimmering and brilliant with a variety of color effects.
- The combination of light and water, fish color creates an eye-catching, glittering picture.

3) Increase the aesthetics of the aquarium

Product usage:

- Step 1: Soak decorative bulbs in water for 10-15 minutes before first use.
- Step 2: Make sure the bubble light is clamped into the hole.
- Step 3: Connect the air hose to the outlet of the air pump, place the bubble light in the desired position in your aquarium.
- Step 4: Clip the wire and air hose into the slot, place the air pump higher than the water level of the tank.
- Step 5: Plug in the balloon decoration light and air pump.

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