Egg-coating frying pan, making a breakfast with 4 non-stick compartments

- Non-stick pan with 4 holes allows you to fry food easily and precisely. Thanks to the small holes, the fried food does not stick to the pan and is easily turned over or turned over very evenly.
- The design with 4 holes allows you to fry or fry many foods at the same time, saving time and energy compared to frying or frying each food separately on separate pans.
- Non-stick pan helps prevent fried or fried food from sticking to the surface of the pan and is easy to clean after use. You just need to wash the pan with water and regular detergent, and the fried food will melt easily without making it difficult to remove the plaque.




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Are you experiencing common cooking inconveniences like these?

Don't worry, 4-hole non-stick pan helps you better control and solve all of these problems

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Limited cooking space

It is easy to get fried food residue on the pan surface

Difficulty in cleaning the pan

Product specifications

- Material: medical stone, wood 
- Overall dimensions: total length 4 holes/36 cm, 2 holes/37cm
- Single hole size: 8.5 cm in diameter 
- Made of high-quality aluminum and wooden handle materials, it can achieve even and efficient heat distribution.
- The 4-compartment design allows you to fry 4 eggs at the same time for the whole family.
- The safe and easy-to-clean non-stick coating is beneficial for both health and cleaning purposes.


A 100% brand new and high quality pan with four-hole design

Convenient to make four pancakes at the same time, very suitable for making omelets, sandwiches, pancakes and omelets. 

- Non-stick pan surface prevents eggs from sticking and is easy to clean with water and common detergents.
- Compact size and space-saving design allow you to easily store the pan after use without taking up much space in the kitchen cabinet.

Easy to clean and maintain

- The design with small holes prevents the eggs from being sandwiched in the middle of the pan, easily flipping the eggs without causing damage.
- Non-stick pan surface helps prevent eggs from sticking to the pan, reducing the risk of tearing or breaking eggs when turning.

Eggs are non-stick and easy to flip

- Non-stick pan with 4 holes helps you fry many eggs at the same time quickly and evenly, saving time and effort.
- Thanks to the design with 4 holes, you can fry several eggs at the same time, saving time and helping the eggs cook evenly.

Frying quickly and evenly


User guide

The pan can be used on all types of stoves, including gas stoves, induction stoves, and electric stoves.


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 items in good condition, well packed upon delivery. Matibay saka makapal hindi basta masisira👍👏 thanks seller at sa rider🛵
Great lock hung very well keeps code change very easy I will order again
Is the third one I ask for. Fantastic seller, thanks for the gift
Thank you seller and shoppe. items arrive.. good quality, complete and without damage. i will give you a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 highly recommended.

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